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The ballad of the expat

My debut EP: The journey of a lifetime. 

the logo of my studio named "Up at the second floor". The logo is an audio mixer placed in a diamond like shape
the cover of my album "the ballad of the expat"

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What is "The ballad of the expat"

The Ballad of the Expat is a poignant collection of four tracks that narrate my journey as a dad and as an expat, capturing the essence of cultural transitions, being away from home, and the universal emotions that connect us all.

Written, recorded, and mixed by myself in my home studio named "Up at the second floor studio", and mastered by the incredible and talented Danilo Rossi,  I hope this album will take you in an immersive and captivating listening experience.



1. Free fall

Free Fall delves into the vulnerability and liberation that accompany stepping into the unknown.
It captures a moment of profound introspection, self-discovery, and the courage required to take risks in the pursuit of one's dreams and aspirations. Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the reality you were living? Have you ever felt like "living in a burning shell"? 
If the answer is Yes, then close your eyes and enjoy the air on your face while you Free fall.

[Misty clouds of pristine snow. It's all so small to even bore. Hang on reality an fall]

2. The ballad of the expat


This song wants to express the emotional landscape of becoming an expat, candidly exploring themes of loneliness, anxiety, stress, and the inherent instability that accompanies such a transformative journey. Through evocative lyrics and a soulful melody, the song captures the essence of the difficulties faced by those who embark on the path of expatriation, providing a deeply resonant narrative that speaks to the challenges and emotional nuances of this profound life change.
Being an expat is a daily fight against adversities. More than a fight, I would say is a dance. A dance performed over the notes of a ballad. Slow, touching and made of truth hard to swallow: The ballad of the expat.

[A new world, new challenges to face. I left with a single bag 'cos dreams take no space]

3. The end of the tunnel


The End of the Tunnel is a chronicle of my professional and personal journey.
It narrates my story since I set afoot in Scotland.
From working in a soul consuming job and sleeping in a cramped hostel room, while thinking about my 7 month old daughter and wife, 2500 Km away, to a better life and a house together with my family. The song captures the grind, triumphs, and constant effort, symbolised by a metaphorical tunnel of challenges.
The end of the tunnel is my musical journey and my answer to the question "how did you do it?".
It's a musical narrative of resilience, growth, and the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles.
[It's like the long run, the one that no one wants to run. It's like the long run, we're always lucky in someone else's eye]

4. For Scotland


"For Scotland" is my musical "thank you" to our new home—a place that generously embraced and warmly welcomed us.
A profound sense of gratefulness made song.

[It wasn't easy but I'm here now, I'm building my own future every chance I get. It wasn't easy but I'm here now, and I still can't believe]

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